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Creating a Mobile UX for a Catering Wholesaler

I wrote my graduation thesis at Drecomm Internet Intelligence, a full-service internet agency in Rotterdam. I was doing research how to design a good mobile UX (user experience) for a catering wholesaler called Zegro, one of their clients. They already had developed an app for them, and I was going to test it on user experience to give Drecomm an idea on the benefits of usability testing.

To do these usability test, I went to several customers in the environment the app was being used. Because it's mobile, it is in my opinion important to have a look where an app is being used. In the case of these customers, the app is used in bars and restaurants. Not only  behind a counter, but as well in a cooling cell, making tapping a phone not very pleasant after a longer period of time. I recorded their actions on a larger second screen, so they were still able to use the app on their smartphones.

After establishing that Zegro's customers attach great value to the trust they have in their supplier, I found out during my interviews there were still improvements to be made to increase this trust. The customers would like to see Zegro as a wholesaler who helps his customers in the process of placing an order. The existing app still had room to improve this. For example: it wasn't possible to order only by using the app. The customer still had to go to the website to finish the order.

I've made several adjustments in the design, both on structural level, as well as visual which resulted in a whole new design. With this design I made a prototype to start testing with the customers. These tests showed that the new design improved the trust they have in Zegro. It was expected that over time more customers would start using the app, thus increasing the conversion rates of the app; an important goal of Zegro.

In case you're interested in reading my entire thesis, please contact me.