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Project Manager at Dancetrippin TV

After being graduated and having travelled to India, I started working for DanceTrippin TV as a project manager. DanceTrippin is a dance music television channel, first only on internet, nowadays on several national television providers all over the world as well. They produce several hour long videos of famous DJ's and parties each month. The videos are not only focussed on how everybody is having a blast, but also on the skills the DJ's have in turning the tables. Their base of operations is in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, so  I moved to Bulgaria.

At DanceTrippin I was responsible for revising their mobile app, managing social media, marketing, post production, a new newsletter and creating a landing page. Their app was running on the content management system of Mobile Roadie. After improving the structure and the design of the app we optimized it for iPhone 5 as well as improved the content. We made the app free, enrolled it on the Play Store and saw the number of downloads fivefold.

In the meanwhile we reached the magic number of 100k fans on Facebook and improved the posting methods, getting better interaction with our fan base. We also developed a new landing page for the website, where all the different kinds of content of DanceTrippin come together in one overview. And then there was the brand new newsletter as well, which we designed and implemented in Tripolis software.

When the production team went to Ibiza to produce more content, I went back to the Netherlands continuing my activities at home. It's a great experience and challenge to work together with at least five nationalities spread over three continents. Also of course because it involves music.