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Earned Attention – Visionairs project

While doing our minor User Interface & Experience Design we did one major project, Visionairs, for Klaas Weima of Energize. Our assignment was to look for a way to make a book more interactive using various media channels. We were selected as one of the three teams (out of about ten teams) to work on this project for 5 months. Klaas was still writing his book at that point.

We worked for a while on our concept, figuring out what the best balance was between several content carriers. These carriers had to complement and consolidate each other to form a platform where readers, the writer and the Visionaries from the book, met. We stopped thinking about it as a paper, never changing, book and started looking at it as a living thing: constantly changing with the latest updates, new contents and discussions.

Content flow Visionairs

During the second half of this project I was mostly busy making the interaction design and several prototypes that followed these designs. The first half we focussed  to get our concept bulletproof and making a visual style not only for the mobile apps (iPhone & iPad) but for the book as well.

In the end, there was quite some competition between the teams. After all, only team could have the best concept and visual representation of that concept. Eventually Klaas Weima not only gave us the highest grade and a mention in his book, he also used our concept and design as a start point for the further development of the apps and the book design!