Lademacher signing “Feel Like Doing It” photobook
Dany Lademacher laughing, still having vivid memories of the girl in the picture
Staring at the wall, Tom Metz, Hans Spuijbroek, Dany Lademacher, Sjors Metz
Detail of the Herman Brood room
Tom and I posing in front of Herman’s bio
Herman Brood room BackStage Hotel Amsterdam

Herman Brood Room, BackStage Hotel Amsterdam

Herman Brood
Herman Brood is probably the only true Dutch Rock 'n Roll star. Before committing suicide in 2001, he tried to kick his habit several times but was only able to quit most drugs, except alcohol and a 2 grams of speed shot a day. Apart from a musician, he was also a (in-)famous public figure, painter, poet and actor.

Because of his status, the BackStage Hotel in Amsterdam decided to have a room in his honor. But since the target audience of this hotel are musicians, they only wanted the room to revolve around Herman as the Rock 'n Roll star. Apart from the fact that making a design for wallpaper is a bit different from the work I usually do, I was truly honored to be asked to make such a design. This wasn't a complete coincidence, since my father was one of the last photographers to go on tour with Herman Brood & His Wild Romance in 1977-'78. When I was asked to design the room, he was working on getting a photo album released with the pictures he took so long ago.

One of the most challenging parts of this assignment was to picture how it would look on the wall. While staring at my screen it was pretty hard to imagine the pixels on my screen, going on a wall that was almost 3 meters high. While making it I hardly had a clue how it would turn out, all I knew was that it was going to be big. And of course I had to take some cupboards, a TV and a closet in account, designing my way around out them, making sure not to lose too much.

I'm extremely proud of the end result. Even though it was hard to image all the different parts of the room, it looks great. The owner of the hotel, Hans Spuijbroek, was more than happy with it. They did a great job, putting up the wallpaper. One day before Herman Brood should have turned 65 years had he not committed suicide, we held a book- and room presentation in the hotel. At the opening of the room, former guitar player of the Wild Romance, Dany Lademacher (on picture) and Herman's oldest son Marcel, were there.

(Cover photo by Tom Metz, photo's by LDBProductions)