Astro Wallet – the Future of Mobile Payments

For a mysterious company in Spain, we were asked to design a user experience for mobile payments. The company was working on a mobile wallet app at the same time and they were curious how students would be thinking about this.

The main focus of this project was to design an app that had pretty much the same experience as any tangible wallet. Based on this we decided that the contents of a mobile wallet should be (extremely) close to the contents of a real wallet. To get there, each pulled out their wallet and threw its contents on a table. We then started sifting through everything on the table and started making decisions what should be in a digital wallet.

It was a great challenge for us, to think about how to make mobile payments, about it's reliability and the amount of trust that has to transcend from app to user. Eventually, when we waterproofed our concept, we made the interaction design and visual design so we could get a feeling how it would work. After some adjustments we made a working prototype of it. This prototype (Safari browser is best) could be used on an iPhone, which made the experience feel pretty genuine (apart from the unlimited funds of course)

To give an impression on how it works, we've made a short scenario film about it.