UI/UX Designer at Youwe

While still working for Dancetrippin TV, I got a job offer in the Netherlands. Youwe was looking for an interaction designer to work part-time in Rotterdam. Having discussed my insecure future at Dancetrippin with the directors, they understood my choice to accept the offer and stay in the Netherlands.

During my time at Youwe I've working on some amazing projects. I have worked on several webshop projects, mostly for larger business-to-business wholesalers and suppliers, intranets for both companies and local governments / municipalities and a lot more business-to-consumer webshops and corporate websites. These projects tested my knowledge in interaction design and were a fantastic way to learn a lot more than I already knew.

These are some of the bigger projects I've worked on, shown in the screenshots:


PPG Product Portfolio

PPG is a worldwide supplier of paint, coatings, chemicals and glassfibers. I was making a redesign of their innovations platform, Mona Lisa. Without doing much to the design, I worked mostly on user flow and website architecture to come up with a platform that can be used by and in several countries at the same time, aimed to inform and instruct colleagues around the world on the product research and development is working on.


Thieme Meulenhoff

One of the larger publishers in educational books in the Netherlands is Thieme Meulenhoff. Designing a management system in which teachers and students alike can compose and download materials for classes. Depending on knowledge and skills, users can drag and drop certain modules to make one of a kind educational material, specific for a class or group of students. What was special during this project, was the prototype made in Axure. It had all the drag and drop functionalities and before showing it to the client, we also made the visual design in the prototype, making a real Hi-End prototype.


Social Intranet

An intranet, aiming at better communications and working relations between different local governments. During this project I worked together with several stakeholders, from four different local governments. Once every two weeks, I visited them each time at a different location. Walking them through the design proces and explaining the design choices I made along the way, they really started to get a feeling with what the end product would be like. At this moment there are about 8 municipalities interested in using this intranet, even though we are still building it.


Gemeente Noordwijkerhout

The local government of Noordwijkerhout came to us with the request to build a new website, where both people living in the municipality, as working for it, can find the information the want, as quickly as possible without unnecessary delays. After some research what would fit them best, we came up with a task based strategy, where user could quickly find the information they were looking for.